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Papiya Alam

Early year childhood care and education (ECCEd) is a really intensive and valuable course. I had a great time here and it was a great learni...readmore

Richa Motwani

Mind Boosters brings to my mind is Ms Archana.She not only presents ideas and skills for teachers to learn and embed in the classroom but s...readmore

Lakshmi kabilan.

I am really enjoying the Diploma -in Early Child hood program by Mrs.Archana .Áll session from Archana mam really giving me lot of kno...readmore


 Was delightfully surprised and then excited as your classes are fantastic for helping bridge brain based research into a functioning c...readmore


To Mrs,ArchanaMIND BOOSTERS represents an opportunity for every individual to maximize their potential and to watch each and every one growi...readmore


If you are keen on putting your best foot forward in the pre and primary teaching domain and continue your career as a pre and primary teach...readmore


It was a few months back i was looking for a diploma in ECCEd. Then i heard about Mrs. Archana maam from one of my friend. So i enquired and...readmore


Dear Archana mam, Firstly i say thank you to you and your institute because you gave me a chance to study.mam you are my mentor ...readmore

Rupee Kishore

Even though I have recently joined this place, I'm extremely happy with what I'm learning. I see a lot of value add both personal as well as...readmore

shiprak shilps

Thank You Mind Boosters for giving a platform to start up a career in teaching under the guidance of Mrs. Archana. It is a splendid experien...readmore

salma patel

Hi everyone!My name is Salma Patel and am enrolled in the EYFS Course in Mind Boosters. I surprisingly chanced upon the course, whilst helpi...readmore

Snehal Patil

Very perfect place to enhance your teaching skills...very supportive mentor....after joining this institute i have gained my confidence and ...readmore

Bakhtawar Asim

I choose to learn from the best, that’s why I decided to join the ‘Mind Booster’ institute which is a place where you can ...readmore


Within a short span after enrolling myself for "Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education" I have understood that Mind Boosters is a pla...readmore

Hemalatha Sunder

# Lectures are extremely valuable,informative and refreshing one.# Learning new ideas, teaching methodology and most importantly how ...readmore